Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Lovers!

Well, the time has come! My other blog which you most likely know by now is really just for the great old stores of Boston’s past. BUT....I have so much more I want to share with you all! Things I have been collecting since FOREVER and they all have to do with good old retro Boston!

Welcome to my new blog! This blog will act as a retro Boston scrapbook for those updates that I have been so keen to do but had no place to post them. I want to remind my readers that this type of blog has many active siblings and I have posted links to all those great places on the blog list you see here before you...check them all out often!! I do!!

I have wanted to start this blog for ages now and felt the urge to get it up now. Why now?

Boston, my home for many years, has been far from me physically but mentally and spiritually always close to my heart...and after the horrific events of April 2013...I felt the need to reach over and try to send a HUGE hug to the whole city. 

My attempt may seem feeble but it’s what I have to offer. And what I offer are my mind and some treasured memories of the city I will always call my home.

So over the next few months...and years, I shall use this blog as a place to share and recall some places and events from our grand old city. Some items you may have seen before, others may be new...hopefully the collection I present will both entertain and enlighten. But more importantly, I do hope it brings a smile and maybe even a chuckle.  

I shall carry on; of course, with my other blogs...have no fear!

The presentation here will be the style I always use...a healthy mixture of photos, ads, articles and commentary. A scrapbook of sorts for lack of a better term and each update will be based around a place or event.

Please join me here as a follower if you think this new blog is right up your street...I hope it is!

More soon! 

Charles Boston





  1. I'm looking forward to this. I'm a native to Boston, but have been away for 10 years. The events of the past week have made my heart ache, and made me miss home even more.

    Your work helps me feel connected again somehow. :)

  2. Thanks, Su! Much more to come!! Keep visiting the blog:-)